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How to Prepare for IAS Exam

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This free course will cover all aspects of IAS Preparation in detail. This is a recommended course for IAS Aspirants who are new to the IAS exam or have attempted the Prelims earlier but have little idea about how to prepare for IAS in the right manner. This course breaks down the complex task of IAS Preparation into simple-to-follow steps through specially devised video lessons that you can go through at your own pace.

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Overview and Planning for IAS Exam

This lesson explains the ABC of the IAS exam, including, introduction to the Prelims, Mains and Interview. Also, correct planning for IAS exam is also explained in the video.

What is Integrated approach to IAS Preparation? You will know once you watch the video.

What is the Rule of Thumb in the IAS Exam? Watch the video to know this.

First Steps in IAS Preparation

This lesson explains the first steps in IAS Preparation any IAS Aspirant should take. How to start IAS preparation at home without coaching is also explained in detail.

Learn about what to prepare in GS Paper 1 and 2 and from where to prepare these topics. All this is explained in-depth in this video.

Recommended Books for IAS Preparation

This lesson explains the recommended Books for IAS Preparation for both Prelims and Mains in detail. The basic NCERTs are also included in the video.

This video starts with the basic NCERTs that you should cover for each subject of GS Paper 1 and then explains the Reference Books to read and finally explains the topic-wise books to read for each subject in-depth.

Timetable for IAS Preparation

explains how to prepare a timetable for IAS preparation. You will learn to prepare daily, weekly, monthly and long-term timetable in this video.


Strategy for Prelims Preparation

This lesson explains the in-depth strategy for IAS Prelims Paper 1 and Paper 2 (CSAT). How to prepare each subject of Prelims is explained comprehensively in this video.

By knowing what to prepare in each subject you can prepare for IAS exam without the help of coaching and also prepare for IAS exam from your home.